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The Sea Ranch Lodge

Shanti by Arun Patel

Shanti by Arun Patel

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From the author, Sea Ranch photographer Arun Patel:

“Nature puts on a show every day; all we have to do is show up” said my friend, Dewitt Jones. And what a show it is along this spectacular meeting of land and sea. Yes, there are sweeping ocean views with sunsets lighting up the clouds, morning mist moving through the treetops, and gentle creatures gracefully living among us. But look deeper, and one will find dewdrops on tall grass, a gently curved fence adjacent to an ancient oak, and a perfect young fern among hundreds in a valley with redwoods.

The photographs in this book are an exploration of such quiet beauty; abundant in every direction one might choose to explore, just waiting for us to show up and look. The locations of these images, all within an hour’s drive from The Sea Ranch, are not directions; instead, they are invitations to roam around as I did, pulling over to the roadside, and looking with wonder. I hope you will explore this land and wherever else you are, for I know you will be richly rewarded when you just show up. Nature will always be there waiting for you.

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